Samsung Electronics


Date joined: 2022


Suwon-Si, South Korea

Company size

5000+ employees


Facility owners & chip design


A major semiconductor manufacturer, Samsung Electronics is the parent company for eight fabs across South Korea and China, as well as one fab in the US which is operated by Samsung Austin Semiconductor. The company’s fabs manufacture a range of products, such as semiconductor nodes, integrated circuit chips, and memory chips. In 2020, Samsung Electronics ranked second within the global market share of the semiconductor manufacturing market. By 2023, Samsung Electronics expects to construct a new $17 billion fab in either New York, Arizona or Texas. The fab will likely reflect the company’s emerging strategy, which focuses on extreme ultraviolet lithography technology.

Water Strategy

Samsung Electronics has a corporate target of achieving zero increase in water intake by 2030 despite increases in production capacity. According to the 2023 Corporate Sustainability Report, Samsung Electronics supplied 71,000 tonnes of ultrapure water in 2021, of which it recovered 25,000 tonnes.

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