GF Piping Systems
GF Piping Systems


Date joined: 2022


Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Company size

5000+ employees


Technology and equipment suppliers




GF Piping Systems (GF) is a leading supplier of piping systems for the transport of high-purity chemicals, water, and gas. Our portfolio includes products that cover all applications throughout the water cycle including conveyance equipment and automation technologies. We are present in over 100 countries and as one of three divisions of Georg Fischer AG account for approximately 40% of overall sales.

With respect to the Microelectronics industry, our solutions have been proven to operate seamlessly for decades and are continuously refined by highly qualified specialists in collaboration with our customers. GF project managers ensure project excellence, supporting installations across all stages with innovative services. Because we innovate products and services in partnership with our customers we are always ready for the next microelectronics era... to meet increased purity requirements and growing expectations for quality management and digitization to continuously raise the bar on more efficient production operations.

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