Study on How Ultrapure Water Could Contribute to Particle Types Identified on Wafer, and How Ion Exchange Resin Selection Could Make a Difference​

Date Published 2022 | Conference materials

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Particle contamination in ultrapure water (UPW) remains a high challenge in yield enhancement to achieve more functional die per wafer. IRDS requirement on acceptable particle size in UPW is getting more stringent year by year as semiconductor technology advances. Besides native particles, IRDS also shows growing concern on particle precursors such as dissolved molecular compound which may form solid particles when dried on wafer surface. Our study on the particle types released through a UPW system and its comparison to those found on wafers helps us identify the target particles and particle precursors to be removed from UPW. One of the target process consumables to be studied on the release of particles and particle precursors to UPW is ion exchange resin. Through our investigation on two different ion exchange resins, resin selection is shown to be critical in reducing the release of particles and particle precursors in both short and long terms.

Authors: Karine Kenis, Jens Rip, Kurt Wostyn,
Tags: ParticlesUPWIRDSOrganic Contamination

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