Online Automated Determination of Organic Contaminants in Semiconductor Grade Chemicals​

Date Published 2022 | Conference materials

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Organic contaminants, including high molecular weight organics, in semiconductor grade chemicals (IPA, H2O2, H2SO4, NH4OH, UPW, etc.) are identified and quantified at concentrations required by the IRDS. New metrology is needed for online detection of organic contaminants. This includes critical organic compounds which may have boiling points greater than 200 degrees C, considered high molecular weight, and can create particles that are detrimental to the wafer making process. Elemental Scientific has implemented new technology to address these issues and monitor for all possible organic contaminants (low molecular weight to high molecular weight compounds) in ultra-pure chemicals. This tool monitors chemicals for known (targeted) and unknown (non-targeted) organic contaminants, providing identification and quantification in a routine automated fashion. This process is important to the overall wafer production and the integrity of the final product.

Authors: Derrick Quarles Jr., Brianna Dufek, Daniel R. Wiederin,
Tags: High Purity ChemicalsChemicalsMetrology and Analytical TechnologyOrganic Contamination

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