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Seattle, WA, USA

Company size

1-50 employees


Technology and equipment suppliers


Membrion, founded in 2016, is a manufacturer of ceramic ion exchange (IX) membranes for use in electrodialysis/electrodialysis reversal treatment processes. These membranes, which contain silica, are more durable than traditional polymeric IX membranes, as their texture limits scaling and they can handle harsh oxidizers, and therefore can be used in industrial wastewater that would traditionally be unsuitable for membrane treatment. Moreover, these CeramIX® membranes facilitate higher water recovery rates and lower electricity costs than polymeric membranes. They also provide brine management solutions, facilitating stream segregation and brine recycling. The company recently completed a pilot using its ceramic IX membranes in cooling water treatment that produced significantly reduced cooling tower blowdown.

Membrion announced a $7M Series B funding round in January 2023 led by PureTerra Ventures, with participation from Safar Partners, GiantLeap Capital and Freeflow, and existing investors. In August 2023, the company announced the completion of their Series B funding round, raising a round total of 12.5 million dollars. The second close of 5.5 million dollars is anchored by Samsung Venture Investment Corporation and Lam Capital.

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