DAS Environmental Expert


Date joined: 2022


Dresden, Germany

Company size

251-1000 employees


Technology and equipment suppliers
Engineering solutions and construction firms


DAS Environmental Expert, founded in 1991 in Dresden, is an industrial waste gas and wastewater treatment systems integrator that offers a wide range of biological and chemical-physical technologies to reduce pollutants. Prioritising a responsible approach to the use of air and water, DAS Environmental Experts works across a range of industries in the wastewater treatment space, and the semiconductor industry features as its most important customer. The company specializes in point-of-use abatement technology, for waste gases and wastewater alike, developing processes specific to client needs. With a variety of waste gas abatement technologies such as wet scrubbers, electrostatic filters, rotary dust collectors and burn/wet and burn/dry technologies, DAS EE is equipped to deal with the diverse range of process waste gases that are employed during semiconductor manufacturing. Likewise, the company employs a broad spectrum of reliable wastewater treatment processes. The company is working on procedures that will allow for resource recovery of rare elements from wastewater, working towards a circular economy model. It has also developed particle filtration technology and a turnkey solution for NOx treatment suited for the semiconductor industry to aid clients in meeting sustainability criteria.

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